Humans Rights Commission Commit Fraud?

Tracey Bell and Dr Roslyn Baxter from the Humans Rights Commission spent $420,000 of taxpayers money producing a report and submission to the government which contains many conclusions but factual data or evidence to back up the claims which were:
“there is a clear link between violence towards women and attitudes of disrespect and gender inequality.”

When asked during a senate estimates hearing neither had any clue as to what evidence or factual data these conclusions are based on.
All that time, effort, money ($420k + wages) and yet they have no supporting evidence for their claims.

This does not just seem a waste of money but actually fraud by using government funding and resources to influence policy making based on false data.

Well done to Sen David Leyonhjelm of the Liberal Democrats for pointing this out in the hearing.

Man Becomes Women’s Champion

New Zealand bloke Laurel Hubbard is now the Australian’s Women Weightlifting champion, reports DailyWire.

As expected he dominated all other contestants while LGBT activists are praising his efforts.

“If I was in that category I wouldn’t feel like I was in an equal situation,I just feel that if it’s not even why are we doing the sport?” Deborah Acason

That’s right Deborah, men against women is not even, but it is equality and soon they will have no chance of placing anywhere near the top as more of this is coming to all sports.