Humans Rights Commission Commit Fraud?

Tracey Bell and Dr Roslyn Baxter from the Humans Rights Commission spent $420,000 of taxpayers money producing a report and submission to the government which contains many conclusions but factual data or evidence to back up the claims which were:
“there is a clear link between violence towards women and attitudes of disrespect and gender inequality.”

When asked during a senate estimates hearing neither had any clue as to what evidence or factual data these conclusions are based on.
All that time, effort, money ($420k + wages) and yet they have no supporting evidence for their claims.

This does not just seem a waste of money but actually fraud by using government funding and resources to influence policy making based on false data.

Well done to Sen David Leyonhjelm of the Liberal Democrats for pointing this out in the hearing.

Wall St Pays Back Obama

Wall St pays back Obama for his eight years of favours.

After the biggest financial meltdown of the century GW Bush let the corporations off the hook. Then came Obama and gave the people behind the corporations a pass.

And so the time for Obama to reap what he sowed has now come and the tally is at $400,000 usd for two speeches at Wall St firm Cantor Fitzgerald.

Of course he said he will not go to Wall St to make money, that banker should not get bonuses and many other things, but in practice he game a a huge relief fund that could be as high as $100 billion USD!

He sure held those bankers accountable lol

Democratic Rep Praises Racist Riots

Democratic Rep Maxine Waters praises the racist riots that happened in L.A. in 1992.
To Maxine, beating and killing innocent people because of their skin colour is a ” defining moment in the way that black people resisted”, “a milestone in the history of black people demanding justice.”
She also refer to it as an “insurrection.